Typing progress

Posted on 2022-07-25
Tags: typing

Using colemak dh plus a 40% keyboard has taken a toll on my wpm1I think I’m roughly ~70 wpm on qwerty/laptop keyboard.

. On the plus side, I think I’m unlearning some bad habits and learning how to properly touch type, even on this unorthodox setup.

Here are my current monkeytype stats:

That’s with 1958 tests started and 1612 completed (12:57 elapsed time).

This is essentially all my progress using colemak dh and a 40% keyboard. Unfortunately, monkeytype only saves your last 1000 tests, so I lost some. I like keeping my history, and while the CSV export is nice, a better solution would be to have a custom local setup. I’ve been toying with the idea of a terminal-based typing test, which would allow me to keep all my stats.